Hello, my name is Travis Stanford and I am a University of Oregon track athlete and Journalism student. My biggest passions are music and running but I am still building my creative skills. The real world is right around the corner...


#25 My Website

Here is the link to my new personal website: http://travisstanford.weebly.com/index.html

I am still in the process of making it better, but for now, I think it is very navigable, easy to understand and contains all the information that one needs to know about be.


#24 The Aspiring Account Person

As an aspiring account person, I wanted to react to some of the information given on account planning in the Idea Industry reading.

The chapter begins with words highlighted in blue stating that “Account planners will tell you they have the best job in the agency.” This statement caught my attention right away because as someone who is unsure of what I truly want in life for a career, I’m excited to know that this path may be highly regarded.

I also love the mentioned fact that there’s no “typical day” for an account planner.

As an account person, I aspire to be working in a new environment every day with new clients, new culture and new ideas. I’ve always considered myself an extremely active person and working a job where I’m always on the move and involved in new projects will keep me excited to come to work.

In addition, I consider myself a leader and a problem solver. When working in a group and facing adversity, I like to take control of the situation and make suggestions as to how to cooperatively solve problems.

According to an article on the Ad Buzz, account people join the field because they truly love advertising and producing the best work for the client and the agency.

I consider this love for advertising, something that will grow as I get more involved in the industry and learn to understand it.

One thing that has also intrigued in the account side of advertising is that you still can be creative in what you do and you have to be a well rounded person to be successful.

In Idea Industry, it was quoted by Darcey Kramer, Assistant Planner at Denver’s Integer Group, that “You have this freedom to think outside-the-box. You get to have these big ideas and see overarching values, but don’t have to figure out exactly how to do it.”

This is where the creatives come in to work with you to expand these ideas and turn them in to real productions.

So not only do I get the pleasure of working with the creatives, I also get to be a part of the creative process which is very exciting.

As I grow, I hope to get involved in a career I love and am excited to be a part of everyday. A career as an account person may do this for me or it may not, but I’m and excited to continue to expand my knowledge in the field and hope that I can bring honesty and integrity in everything I do.

#23 W+K Tops Innovation

I was interested in knowing what types of companies are being praised for their innovation this year so I decided to do a little research and discovered that Wieden+Kennedy tops the charts, according to Fast Company.

WK is claimed to be one of the most advanced in their field of business with their consistent creativity and inspirational ad campaigns, often uncovering brilliance and brand individuality.

A large reason for this recognition was for their revamping of deodorant brand, Old Spice, with the creation the “Old Spice Guy" campaign that tied the brand to comical advice given by a man who insisted that the deodorant would change "embarrassingly normal men" into to something magnificent.

The campaign was a huge hit for the brand and WK with over 94 million YouTube hits, 90 thousand Twitter followers and over 675 thousand Facebook fans. Oh yeah, and top that with an Emmy.

In addition, WK has developed Nike’s “Write the Future" campaign for the World Cup of Soccer and the ad had over 12 million online views in just one day.

The campaign went on to win a major award at the Cannes Lion International Festival and was proven to develop a brand relationship between Nike and the consumer.

The folks up at WK have again proven themselves as innovators ahead of the game with creativity and inspiration in every ad they produce. Clients have learned to trust this agency with their brand with hopes of allowing these campaigns to rebuild their brand image.

#22 Lockout Over, New Start For NBA Ads

With the recent termination of the NBA lockout, I figured it was necessary to discuss some great advertising that is being used to the get the season off to a fresh start.

Regardless of the mixed opinions on the lockout and acquisitions made of the players, I love the sport of basketball as do the players in the NBA and the video that I have posted below was created for the TNT television station to illustrate this fact in a beautiful and meaningful way.

I could not find who produced this spot for TNT but I must honor their ability to create and combine personal messages from every player and allow the viewer to better relate to the players and the NBA with their reasons for loving the game of basketball.

This is good advertising for the league because it embraces the amazing moments of the sport and allows the viewer to forget about the past problems it has faced and get excited for a new season of exciting and inspirational play.

Goodby and Silverstein’s “Elevated Moments" NBA campaign has also been a great success in embracing the greatest moments in the sport and holding the attention of the viewer.

The composition of the spots created hold true to the values of the sport and inspire the consumer to continue their involvement in the NBA and their viewership of the sport.

I must say that the NBA ads have always been some of my favorite spots on television and they are something I remember due to their provided inspiration and attention grabbing, often intense, scenarios and I am excited to know that since the lockout is over, there will be new spots for this year’s season.

2011 NBA Season Opening Commercial

#21 I Also Stand With The Hat

Student and faculty of the University of Oregon have recently been notified of the termination of their university’s president, Richard Lariviere.

According to an an article on Bloomberg Businessweek, the termination was due to “amid conflicts with (Oregon) Governor John Kitzhaber over budget cuts and leadership.” The disagreements were between the governing board’s tax cuts and the Lariviere’s decision to grant faculty pay raises even though the state was cutting their budgets. 

Lariviere stated that the conflict in decision was a result of difference in opinion over the future of U of O while Kitzhaber claimed that Lariviere was lobbying for increased independence of the university from the state and undermined all the decisions of himself and the governing board.

As a student, it saddens me to hear of the Presidents firing and I am concerned that the governing board of our state and university have no real interest in improving me and my colleagues future through support and education.

Power of the governing body is being misused and it is up to me, other students and faculty to raise awareness of this problem and work to protect ourselves and the future of our university.

We must inform our friends of the situation and encourage people to get involved. We must prove to the state that our university is on the breaks of a culture movement and will prevail as a powerful, innovative and growing university where education is more important than egotistical governing power.

I stand with my fellow students, I stand with my faculty and I stand with the hat.

#20 iTunes May Be Stalking You

According to and an article on Fast Company, Apple’s software iTunes is being used to infect target computers with malware.

Spyware was able to snip into the software while the iTunes software update was not active and “redirects users’ web browsers to a customized web page that pretended Flash was not installed on the user’s computer.”

The glitch has allowed outside spyware producers to snoop on users via Skype, email and other social media outlets.

Scary right? Who would have ever though you would be able to be hacked through the program that plays your music?

Fortunately, the recent iTunes update 10.5.1 has solved this issue and the user can now safely listen to their music without having to worry about sharing their livelihoods with spy’s!

This just goes to show that their are many people in the cyber world who are out to get you and we must stay aware of all sketchy updates and other malware situations that could lead some personal infringements.

In addition, Apple may need some public relations work in order to regain many users trust in their company and must completely address their confidence in the solution of this situation allowing their users to feel comfortable again.

#19 Google Me

In order to know anything about anything or anyone, what do you do? You Google it, and I have decided to do this for myself to see what kind of information is revealed.

Your life in the cyber world is very important for those who are interested in learning more about you and discovering who you are.

I’ve noticed that a majority of my Google results have to do track competition and races that I have ran. Same for images, most of them are of me running which is pretty cool.

I hope that if a future employer ever Google’s me they will see that I am an athlete and have great commitment and dedication to whatever I do. The first result that comes up is my roster stats on the UO athletic website followed by some more track related things and then my facebook. They will also come across my blog on the first page of results which is important in showing some of my personality.

My internet identity is very important to me and my success in a job field that is very technologically advanced such as advertising and it is important that I maintain a strong image because future employers will you this tool to discover me and possibly hire or not hire me for my cyber identity.

#18 Adverstising in Airport Security Bins

I was going through security at the Wichita Airport and couldn’t help but notice the Zappo’s advertising on the bottom of the bins that you place your personal items in to be scanned.

Success or fail?

I consider this Zappo’s ad placement success in some ways because of the amount of exposure to the general public it gets and when I saw the ad, it got me thinking about the company.

On the other hand, placing advertising in an airport bin may not always be the best plan, especially because the flying process is often very stressful and many times people aren’t concerned with the random advertisement and are more worried about getting through security as fast and smooth as possible.

If I hadn’t already known about the company before seeing the brand today in security, I would not have thought anything of it because I was so worried about catching my flight and I often feel this is the case for people.

Not to mention, I barely had any time to look at the ad due to a push by the people behind me and the worry that I didn’t want to take very long.

Overall, I’m am not fan of this type of advertising and I would not suggest buying this type due to more negative outreach than positive. The idea is unique but as consumer, I’m not excited to see this type of advertising, nevertheless, concerned.

#17 London 2012

Cadbury, the British chocolate brand, have been leveraging their sponshorship of the 2012 Olympic Games in London with their $78.3 million marketing push.

According to an article on the Guardian, I was humored to discover that the last time Cadbury composed a marketing campaign of this size was their “Get Active!” campaign which encouraged children to to eat Cadbury chocolate in order to receive vouchers for school sports equipment.

Ironically, the campaign received much criticism for their encouragements of getting active and eating a sugary treat as a bribery to get some free sports gear.

Many reverberations were seen even a year after the campaign was over with many complaints by health professionals.

I find the idea pretty entertaining and am wondering what a chocolate brand is thinking when they try to encourage being active and fit to promote the eating of their sweets.

Cadbury has brushed off the past and have stated that their sponsorship with the 2012 Olympics will be based on their new campaign called “Spots v Stripes" of which I have posted a TV spot below.

The campaign’s goal is to display its brand’s involvement with the 2012 Olympics by having interactive games, events, competitions and news that all contribute to the promotion of the upcoming games.

The website has a large viewership and over 150 thousand fans on facebook.

Overall, I think Cadbury are making much more progress with their Olympic sponsorship campaign and have learned from the failures of their past.